There and Here Subject Verb Agreement Examples

Subject-verb agreement is a crucial aspect of writing that can make or break your content. When you`re crafting an article, ensuring that your subjects and verbs agree is necessary to avoid confusion and grammatical errors. One important aspect of subject-verb agreement is the use of “there and here” in your sentences. Let`s take a closer look at some examples to help you master this principle.

1. There is vs. there are: One common mistake is using the wrong form of the verb “to be” when the subject is “there.” For example, “There is three cats in the room” is incorrect because “cats” is plural, and therefore the verb should also be plural. The correct version would be “There are three cats in the room.” Keep in mind that “there” is not the subject in this sentence, but rather an adverb indicating the location of the cats.

2. Here is vs. here are: Similar to “there is/are,” the same rule applies to “here is/are.” For instance, “Here is some examples” is wrong as “examples” is plural, and so the plural verb “are” should be used. Therefore, the correct version is “Here are some examples.”

3. There is vs. there has: Another common mistake is using “there has” instead of “there is.” For example, “There has been many complaints about the service” is incorrect because “many complaints” is plural, requiring the plural verb “have” to be used. The correct version would be “There have been many complaints about the service.”

4. Here is vs. here has: Similarly, “here has” is not correct. For example, “Here has been the problem for ages” should be changed to “Here has been the problem for ages.”

In conclusion, subject-verb agreement is an important aspect of writing that can greatly affect the clarity, coherence, and grammatical accuracy of your content. When using “there and here” in your sentences, it`s essential to make sure that the verb agrees with the subject. By paying attention to the examples provided above, you`ll be able to avoid common mistakes and achieve a more polished, professional writing style.


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